1. Download failed

Please check your carrier connection or username/App World ID and your password.
Rarely but sometimes the appworld is down. In this case: just try it again later.

2. Can I download the app without an App World account

No, at the moment it is not possible to get Localipedia outside the App World.

3. When I start the app at the first time it asks me to alter the permissions?!

That is correct. Localipedia needs some permissions for example GPS and permission for Internet access, else ist won't work the way it should.
You can edit the permissions also later in Options->Applications->Localipedia->Edit Permissions.
It also possible to change the default connection type for example: only WiFi or BIS (BlackBerry Infrastucture). Just open the options menu inside the Localipedia app. Here you can also change the way how Localipedia integrates itself into the BlackBerry-OS Applications like the calendar app or e-mail etc.

4. After pressing the localisation button there is an error message that tells me that no location could be obtained because the GPS is inactive

Please be sure that your cellphone connection is up and your GPS is also accesible by the app. Note that in buildings often the phone connectivity is not as good as needed and GPS does not work at all in most buildings.
Sadly but possible, this error also occurs if the locationprovider does not have good location data for the cell tower information it gathers from your phone.
But this should only be a question of time until their databases are more accurate.

5. When I enter my City it says - no adress found

Localipedia makes lookups on location services like Google and Yahoo. When you enter names of small villages it could be that they dont have any data for it. You can try to enter the next bigger village/city or (much better) the postalcode of your area.

6. When I search for a City it gives me a warning about ip problems

IP-adresses on mobile Internet are used by a lot of devices at the same time. Because of this it is possible that there were many connections made from the same ip-adress to the location services we use. Those companies have connection limits to protec them from flooding by having limits for the number of connection from the same ip adress. If the traffic exceeds this limit, they do not accept any new connections until a period of time. Also the number of location resolution calls is not infinite and it is not for free. Since Localipedia is free of charge we have to try to get the maximum out of it.